the stork has arrived!

I know, it’s been a bit quiet on the fly girl front – brewing a baby really took it out of me. Not to mention that he stayed in to cook for an extra two weeks! But he’s finally here, so I’d love to introduce you.

little Stirling Alan

little Stirling Alan

All the clichés are true. How can you not wake up every morning wanting to do more, be better, and feeling absolutely inspired (even on a couple of hours’ sleep!) when you wake up with this little face beside you?

the fail that was 2014’s resolutions

Happy New Year!

So I’m a sucker for a good resolution to break, and what better time to reflect on one’s broken promises than on the anniversary of when they were made?

Maybe that sounds a bit cynical; maybe I did better than I think? Last year I decided to make broader goals that focused on improving myself rather than overly-specific small things that were doomed to fail quickly. Before I make a set of new ones, here’s a little report on last year’s (which were made, drunk, on a beach in Madagascar having just become a ‘Mrs’ – in case you need some context).

Did I make a plan for my life and stick to it?

Yes and no. We achieved some big things, like buying our first home, quicker than we thought but then we also changed our minds and decided to start a family quicker too! So, while my ultimate “forever plan” to get married and start a family has been achieved, I haven’t sorted out any of the other details. In fact, I’ve made it harder because my career will now probably have to take a back-seat for a few years.

Did I learn to adapt to life changes?

Yes – see above for a prime example! Life is changing and is about to change again very quickly, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did I have more GRIT?

Hmmm… yeah I don’t even know where to start with that one. FAIL!

Did I stop burying my head in the sand?

Let’s just say I improved, but didn’t stop completely. I do think I became more assertive when addressing issues and I procrastinated less, but this still requires work.

Did I exercise my brain?

FAIL. No I did not. Well, not in the way I meant to. I read a fair bit but there were definitely no French classes!

Did I exercise my body?

Another big fat FAIL. Actually, I did a bit by continuing volleyball but then I fell pregnant and that was the end of it. Does growing another human inside you count?

very special people

On any given day at work, I would talk to at least 20 clients but usually more. Some are my own clients, some aren’t. Most of them are from interstate which means that I may work with them closely for up to a year, planning their holidays, solving their problems, and learning about them as people, yet I may never actually have the chance to see them face to face.

Some are friendly, some are gruff. Some outgoing and some are shy. Some are demanding and some are relaxed. And some… well, some I just wish I could crawl through the phone line to wherever they are and give them a big hug.

The retired Minister who signs his emails to me with a “God bless”. The “two merry widows” who travel the world and include me when they send exciting travel stories home. The lady who came into the office to tell me about her holiday and gave me a reassuring cuddle when a relative had just passed away. Every client who requested wedding photos when I came back to work after the honeymoon.

These beautiful people remind me why I do the job I do, but most importantly they remind me how special we all are. When you go to a restaurant, or you have your car serviced, or your phone fixed or whatever you happen to be doing, the person who helps you is a person with a life, a purpose, a story to tell… These beautiful clients of mine know this and in turn, I am lucky enough to be able to get to know them as people too.