Fiji in December: Just Go!

I often hear people (including travel agents) say “don’t go to Fiji in December – it’s cyclone season!” But if you’re considering Fiji for this year’s Christmas/School Holiday break, just go for it.
Yes, it does rain sometimes. As it does pretty much everywhere else in the world. Fiji is in the tropics should be expected to be higher than here in Mediterranean climes. The bottom line is, it’s always warm and if it rains, it’s usually in the afternoon. I’m yet to experience a day of torrential downpours; they certainly happen, but they’re rarer than people think.
I got married on 7th December in Fiji, on a day where there was some scattered rain and I had to be driven through the garden to the chapel on a golf cart, but it was beautiful. They say it’s good luck to have raindrops on your wedding dress – so yay for me!
The thing is, in my job I see so many people hesitate to take a holiday, whether it’s the trip of a lifetime or a short getaway, because of weather concerns. In the end, if they don’t go they miss out on all the amazing experiences they would have had by travelling to a new place. We can never control the weather and these days it’s getting harder and harder to predict, so rather than stressing about something we can’t control, just go! It’ll be worth it.
And if you’re heading somewhere tropical like the beautiful fijian islands, remember this: if it’s raining, you can still go for a swim. You’re going to get wet either way!
These photos were taken by Kama Catch Me, our incredible wedding photographers. I thought I’d add them here to show you how beautiful an overcast day is in Fiji. 


european daydreams

Seven reasons I wish I was in Europe right now:

1. My BFF lives in London

I keep forgetting this fact. I bought a new car a little while ago and went to cruise round to her house, then realized she doesn’t live there any more. I went shopping with Boyfriend and he just didn’t help (bless him). I just want to rock Oxford Street with my bestie.

2.  Edinburgh Fringe Festival

My favourite city. My favourite festival. The world needs a laugh and Edinburgh is the perfect spot to have it delivered. This place serves to remind you not to take life too seriously.

3. Summer Solstice

Because I’m just desperate for sunshine!

4. The weather

See above my friends! It’s freezing today and when I look out of my office window it feels like night time.

5.  Tour de France

I love the atmosphere of Paris at any time, and I love the French countryside ten times more. I love the Tour Down Under and am so lucky to live in the beautiful South Australia, but combining the Tour with the lovely France is just a winner.

6. Euro 2012

There’s nothing like a bit of European rivalry and football brings out the best of it. I love the passion a football match invokes in the crowd and I could use the excitement right about now!

7. The food

I’m on a diet. It’s no fun. I’m trying to look good for a black-tie ball this weekend but I’d rather be sitting at a café in Santorini or Venice eating and drinking the day away. It’s my favourite part of traveling.

sailing croatia, 2008

i’m in love with a shooting star…

some things truly blow me away.

anything space-y (galaxies, shooting stars, this solar eclipse), always does it. as i’ve said before, i love the feeling of being insignificant. but sometimes, it’s about the little things.

people say that a lot: “it’s just the little things”. it could even be a cliché, but everyone knows clichés are always true otherwise they wouldn’t be a cliché. and sometimes life IS about the little things. 

take rain for example. i love the smell. i love the sound of it on the roof. i love being rugged up inside playing board games or some other family activity while watching water gush down the windows (like being a little kid and going through the car wash – remember how cool that was?)

or the feeling of getting home on a freezing cold day and putting on a warm pair of socks. or the look on my puppy’s face when he sees me at the front door each night. or when my little sisters give me a big hug. or when my girlfriends and i get together with a bottle of wine and talk too much about our boyfriends.

i love it when my clients pop in just to say “hi!” or they call me before an appointment to see if i want a coffee. i love it when i feel like i’ve genuinely taught someone at work something useful. i love it when my boyfriend asks me to help on his work projects.

but most of all, i’m in love with life. a lot of the time i forget to be, but when i remember, i appreciate just how lucky i am to be here, able to smell the rain and watch the stars and get up at 6am to help Boyfriend at work (well… maybe not the 6am part!)