still waters run deep

The phrase “still waters run deep” is meant to mean that a person should beware the strong, silent type. Literally, it has its origins in the idea of crossing a river; where the river makes a lot of noise, it is shallow and easy to cross because the water is flowing across rocks, whereas deep water makes no noise and therefore presents a lot of danger for those wishing to cross. This Latin proverb is used to caution against those who keep to themselves, lest they be plotting against you.

As part of the blog challenge, I was invited to think about whether my star sign really represents me, and my thoughts on astrology as a whole. When I looked up the synopsis of my sign, Scorpio, (see here for the description) the phrase “still waters run deep” was brought to light. Did this mean I’m a dangerous person? Someone who’s not very nice?
As a disclaimer, it’s not something I really believe in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it completely fascinating. One thing I absolutely love about the world and the people in it is the way different cultures have different ways of looking at things.
Here’s my list of traits identified as being typically “Scorpio” that I agree and disagree with:
  • “The Scorpio’s emotions are repressed, kept undercover”: I completely disagree with this as I am renowned for wearing my heart on my sleeve. I find it very hard to control this and it sometimes causes me problems
  • “Scorpios can lose their temper when someone gets their way”: true. I hate losing an argument, and I am prone to jealousy when someone gets what I want, especially when I perceive them to have won it easily where I have worked hard. It’s definitely something I work on.
  • “They can take an insignificant matter and turn it into a huge slight”: true again, I’m ashamed to say. I over think things and before you know it, a small issue has become a massive deal.
  • “Determined and loyal”: absolutely. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for the ones I love.
  • “Scorpios love competition”: yes and no. I hate competition because I hate conflict and I hate losing. However, I absolutely thrive when I win. (Does this mean I’m a sore loser?) BUT:
  • “They’ve got to have an adversary”: I hate it, but I have to admit to this one. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have one. Funnily enough though, several of these (but by no means all!) have wound up being counted amongst my closest friends.
  • “Scorpios… are caring and devoted with their lovers, even if they do hold on a bit tight”: true. I always say Fiance is the love of my life, and I’m counting down the days (126 to be exact) until I’m his wife. The love I feel for him is extremely intense (another Scorpio trait, apparently). I can see where the ‘holding on a bit tight’ comes from and luckily I am accepted warts and all because I can get a little insecure sometimes.
Overall, I think the general description of Scorpios is somewhat accurate, but every person is unique and I don’t think everyone born late October/early November can fit nicely into this package. The way you were brought up and the things you experienced play a major part in shaping the way you deal with life.
However, I thought for posterity/fun I would have a look at the Chinese zodiac (I was born in the year of the Dragon) to see if there were any matches (description here):
  • “They hate hypocrisy, gossip and slander”… Ummm….. I’m a terrible gossip! But I do hate hypocrisy and I don’t like it when people tell lies about each other. Gossip is okay until it becomes malicious.
  • “Hate to be used or controlled by others”: very true. But I would be surprised if lots of people, Dragon or not, said this was okay.
  • “Arrogant and impatient”: Arrogant, no. Impatient, definitely!
  • “Unable to control their moods very well”: this is unfortunately very, very true. Sometimes I get disappointed and get into a real funk I can’t escape from. The littlest thing can flip my mood completely – good or bad. It’s also really obvious when it happens.
  • “They may criticise others for their inefficiency at work”: Yep, this is true. I hate inefficiency, it’s so frustrating. Although I try not to criticise rather than coach where required (I think).
Which other forms of Astrology are there? Do the descriptions of your sign accurately reflect your personality?