the ultimate honeymoon packing list

I’m in a spin as to what to pack for our honeymoon. Mainly because there’s a few items on this list I’m yet to purchase. Here’s what I have so far:

1. a big, gigantic, as-big-as-your-house, kardashian-esque hat. And while we’re at it…

2. some even bigger sunglasses. You can never be too sun smart, or stylish; Hello Jackie O 2.0 (yes, rhyme!)

3. thongs/flip-flops/jandals… whatever you call them, I’m talking shoes people.

4. a million pretty little dresses. Most of the ones I like are quite cocktail; I seem to think I’ll be doing nothing but attending dinner parties, and these probably won’t be appropriate for the beach. Which brings me to…

5. some cute-as-a-button playsuits. No salty thigh chafe here my friends.

6. the best fake tan products one can possibly find. I’m very open to suggestions!

7. an umbrella, ella, ella, hey… Rihanna was onto something. So so cute and surprisingly practical (umm… like, when it rains?)

8. bikinis galore. Mauritius is full of those tres chic european types… no boardies in sight.

9. power adaptor. Lest the smartphone/laptop die. three weeks without social media will have me breathing into a paper bag.

10. camera. Hashtag selfie! This will be the month where I can officially start to be a “smug married”… it should be well doumented!