Weird & Wonderful Madagascar

So my wonderful workplace has it’s own blog and I thought I’d share a piece I wrote for them on Madagascar. Check it out!


By Amelia Winter

Welcome to Antananarivo… an unexpected gem and a place I was told I would dislike. But it has everything I love – interesting buildings, beautiful scenery, an intriguing history and locals with a sense of humour. It’s a place full of surprises; a built-up city with rice paddies right in the centre of town, traffic jams caused by an ox and cart, groups of young people dressed like they’re heading to their wedding and/or space… so many little things that put a smile on my face (lucky I brought some patience and a sense of adventure).Antananarivo lake
I was told not to expect much from Tana and that’s probably why I loved it. Sure it’s dirty, chaotic and sometimes confronting – but it’s the kind of place where every time one turns their head something out of the ordinary is happening. This, in my opinion, is one of…

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Tana, you’re under our skin

Finally, we’ve found a place that suits us.

Antananarivo is busy, loud and gritty and it both challenges and invites us to learn more. It’s beautiful yet run-down, regal yet dilapidated and it throws a million different thoughts in our faces as we travel through it.

Crazy traffic. ‘Markets’ lining the roadside for miles selling nothing but big, fat sausages or even bigger, fatter ducks. Two guys wheeling a cart full of church pews through the crowd. Minivans with 25+ people in them, some hanging out the back door.

Our hotel is a beautiful converted mansion on top of a hill, right next to the old Queen’s castle and overlooking the whole city. We watched the sunset from our balcony and finally felt the romance that’s been missing from our honeymoon – Tana is definitely not where we expected to find it and yet, here it is.

We’re buzzing. We’ve literally been here for four hours and we are absolutely bursting with ideas and questions – but these are taking a backseat as we’re so over-excited to tell everyone else about it!

As usual, “a picture tells a thousand words” so have a look for yourself…