bucket list

Sail the Galapagos Islands

Dive with Great White Sharks

Go on an African Safari

Swim with Dolphins

Find the love of my life (and marry him)

Walk along the Great Wall of China

See lemurs in the wild

Sail Alaska

Explore Yellowstone National Park

Kayak with Orcas in British Columbia

Gain an in-depth understanding of my husband’s home country

Sail the Croatian coastline

Explore Patagonia

Write a book

Stand where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet in South Africa

Start a family

See sloths in the wild

Sail Halong Bay

Learn to ski

Explore Everglades National Park

Come back from a country feeling like I’ve “found myself”

Sail Milford and Doubtful Sounds

Stay in an ice hotel

See the Northern Lights

Explore the Angkor complex in Cambodia

Sail the Panama Canal

6 thoughts on “bucket list

  1. You sound much like my daughter fly girl, She’s sailed from Panama to Colombia on a yacht has spent time on the Galapagos, scubaed with dolphins explored Patagonia spent time in a salt hotel and time in an ice hotel bar. She hasn’t explored the everglades but has been there. She has been up the Amazon and saw sloths wild. She spent the last year traveling Central and South America and has been home for 4 weeks. She always comes home as if she has found herself and next week is off to S.E Asia for 4 months to visit places she didn’t see the first time there, Angkor Wat for one. She has lived in Berlin and covered Europe and also parts of India. When she was in Brazil she was asked if she wanted to fly to and sail the Croation Coast but refused.
    Four years ago she thought she’d found the love of her life but after a 2 year relationship realised he wanted to restrict her freedom so that soul mate you have remains on her bucket list.
    Your generation of women are quite fearless…..enjoy


    • thanks so much… your daughter sounds like she’s been on a remarkable journey so far!

      My generation may be “fearless” but we also have opportunities that could only have been dreamed of just a couple of generations ago and that’s something I think we would do well to remember.

      Your daughter will meet the right person to join her adventures eventually but I’m glad she’s not with someone who restricts her – I feel I’m a better person every day for being able to share my life with my husband but nothing less than that would have cut the mustard!


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