holy moly, it’s been forever!

you. guys!

I logged in here after… yeah I’m not even sure how long… because I wanted to have a look at some of my old posts. Partly to see how far I’ve come, and partly to get inspiration for some new posts by being reminded of my old travels (and life, haha!)

Since last posting, the little bean has grown huge – he’s nearly four now! And there’s a new kid on the block too, although he’s not that new anymore: he’s nearly two!

I’ve gone back to uni, and just finished my degree in Psychology. I’ve also been hard at work building up a new website, so I would love it if you took a look: it’s called A Winter Escape and it’s still travel-related but with more of a family bent. I’ve learned a lot about blogging so sometimes it’s just nice to start afresh.

Anyway, I can’t wait to scroll through the Reader and catch up on what everyone’s been up to!