i have a dream… that australian women’s media was not run by wowsers and wackos

There’s a certain Australian website enjoying mass popularity at the moment that works on the theory of “quick news” – the kind of news you can quickly browse as you finish your coffee. It’s aimed at women and particularly women with children. The idea is excellent.

The problem however is that in the need for “quick news” they often lose something really important: editing.

Countless times I’ve clicked through to an intriguing article only to stop reading halfway through because the errors frustrate me; in the rush to produce something that entices people to click the output quality drastically decreases and I feel this sells the many intelligent women out there who give this website their time quite short. Other articles seem to be written by women getting angry about something for no reason just to get people viewing and commenting – and so many commenters are manipulated into taking the bait.

Today in the shower (where I do all my best thinking because who doesn’t?) it dawned on me: I have a website. It’s just a little blog I mess around with and at this stage it’s going nowhere fast, but why should that always be the case? And really, the only reason why that is the case at the moment is because I haven’t narrowed the page down to have a clear purpose. What’s stopping me from creating something similar?

So what am I going to do about it? Well… baby steps. I’m going to start by setting myself a goal: I want to work up to posting at least once a day about something topical. I want to gain the confidence to put my opinion out there knowing I have the intelligence to form a solid argument. Eventually (dream of dreams) I want this page to provide information and a forum for discussion without the wowsers or the clickbait.

Wish me luck… I’ll need it.


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