the wolf of what?

Can someone please tell me what the appeal is of “The Wolf of Wall Street”?

I get the movie. It has Leo, money, drugs and hot girls. Classic Hollywood. But what is the obsession with Jordan Belfort himself?

Did we honestly expect him to be truly reformed, to be a genuinely nice guy, to be worthy of so much time and attention? Did we think his ‘motivational speeches’ – for which we should pay hundreds of dollars to attend – would have us walk away closer to being the best we can be? Really?

Just because his was ‘white-collar-crime’ doesn’t mean he didn’t absolutely ruin people’s lives. Not only that, but federal prosecutors in the US have stated that Belfort hasn’t met his restitution requirements. Put simply, this means that he was ordered to pay back just over half (!) of the money he swindled from investors but he isn’t. He’s touring the world giving supposedly motivational talks but his victims aren’t seeing the benefits of this “change of heart”. I’m sure he gets paid a pretty penny to be interviewed on television and radio, yet then he’s a complete asshole to whoever he’s speaking to.

I am, for the most part, a believer of  ‘do the crime then do the time’ when ‘doing the time’ involves some sort of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t. Belfort’s sentence was in two parts: 22 months in prison and to pay back some of the money. I’m sure prison was taken seriously yet this does nothing for the victims, so where is the cash?

Someone please explain this to me. Explain why he’s ‘interesting’. Explain why his advice is worth listening to. Explain why we should care. I’m genuinely curious.


5 thoughts on “the wolf of what?

  1. I have no idea why you’d pay to see a speech by him. I suppose curiosity and his supposed charisma. Perhaps he does crazy things like in the movie? I just think it’s funny that he let Leo shadow him thinking that he would get into Hollywood and movies himself, and once it was finished Leo dropped him. Belfort’s whining about being used by Leo gave me hearty schadenfreude.


    • I had to laugh today, I got an email from scoopon offering sale price tickets. Pretty pathetic! That’s actually what inspired my rant 🙂
      p.s. love this: “Belfort’s whining about being used by Leo gave me hearty schadenfreude.” xxx


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