my dumbest obsession

Someone with an interest in pop-psychology, or hey, maybe someone actually qualified, needs to tell me RIGHT NOW why I have such an obsession with Air Crash Investigation.

Firstly, what is the appeal of hearing any kind of story where people die?

Secondly, why would I choose to watch a show about plane crashes when my job (read: livelihood!) kind of requires me to want to get on planes?

Maybe it’s so I can sound smart in the lunch room at work when I use words such as “aileron”.

2 thoughts on “my dumbest obsession

  1. Hi Deanna, thanks so much!
    I actually used to travel quite a bit by myself; I loved the freedom and having to push myself to meet people (which was great because I made so many new friends!) These days, I tend to travel for work or with my husband. I’ve had a quick read of your latest post; I haven’t been to Macau yet but would just love to get there.
    Can’t wait to check out more of your awesome blog!
    Amelia xx


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