i’ve cracked.

Well… I’ve added a bucket list (see the top menu). I’ll keep ticking things off as I go, but let’s be honest I’ll probably add just as many things as I tick off!

I know the idea might be kind of naff, but I thought it’s a nice way to remind myself to “just keep swimming” when I need a bit of encouragement.


What’s on your bucket list?

happy world turtle day


Today is “World Turtle Day”. The day actually recognises all species of turtle and tortoise, despite its name (some languages don’t dfferentiate between the two) and in the spirit of love of all things Testudine I thought I would acknowledge the day and share a picture.

I’ve always loved turtles and tortoises; I find them extremely fascinating from an evolutionary/scientific perspective but there’s also just something about them I can’t quite name that makes me want to just be around them.

Turtles have been around for about 220 million years, making them about as old as the oldest known dinosaur. They were around when Earth looked completely different to what it looks like today; when the land was covered in ferns and grass didn’t exist and the continents were joined together as Pangaea. They survived mass extinctions, continental drift and climate change. Pretty cool huh?


Giant Tortoise, Mauritius

Giant Tortoise, Mauritius

nosy iranja, madagascar in pictures

This little island is about an hour and a half from Nosy Be island (in the far North of Madagascar) by boat. It’s tidal, so when we arrived it looked like two round islands with a massive beach connecting the two, but as the tide came in the two islands became separated.

There’s a baby turtle nursery (a bit dubious about this) and a village too. Here are some pictures.






very special people

On any given day at work, I would talk to at least 20 clients but usually more. Some are my own clients, some aren’t. Most of them are from interstate which means that I may work with them closely for up to a year, planning their holidays, solving their problems, and learning about them as people, yet I may never actually have the chance to see them face to face.

Some are friendly, some are gruff. Some outgoing and some are shy. Some are demanding and some are relaxed. And some… well, some I just wish I could crawl through the phone line to wherever they are and give them a big hug.

The retired Minister who signs his emails to me with a “God bless”. The “two merry widows” who travel the world and include me when they send exciting travel stories home. The lady who came into the office to tell me about her holiday and gave me a reassuring cuddle when a relative had just passed away. Every client who requested wedding photos when I came back to work after the honeymoon.

These beautiful people remind me why I do the job I do, but most importantly they remind me how special we all are. When you go to a restaurant, or you have your car serviced, or your phone fixed or whatever you happen to be doing, the person who helps you is a person with a life, a purpose, a story to tell… These beautiful clients of mine know this and in turn, I am lucky enough to be able to get to know them as people too.