no, Sri Lanka is NOT the “new Bali”


I came across this article today and, as most articles do, let’s be honest, it made me cringe.

“Is Sri Lanka the new Bali?” it asks us (but don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question… I think?)

All I can say (/scream) is NO! NO! NO! Don’t even sully Sri Lanka by suggesting it!

It’s not air to say that by comparing one to the other, it’s making the other look bad, but the implication to a lot of Aussies when making such a loaded statement might just be “hey, let’s go to Sri Lanka and get boozy and make ourselves look bad”. Bali is a beautiful destination, full of stunning scenery, fascinating culture and friendly locals, but very year it is overrun with hundreds of thousands of (mostly) Australians looking for a cheap holiday and often a place to get wasted. When I was growing up, it was a prime destination for family holidays but last time we were there, the streets of the main tourist districts were full of loud, drunk yobbos.

Anyway, I respect the fact many will disagree with me on that but it isn’t actually the point anyway. The tourism industry experiences phases, just like fashion really. One day a place is hot, then another place is hotter. For example, in 2004 (pre-tsunami), Thailand was the place to be. Around 2010, that dramatically shifted to Vietnam. Now it’s Sri Lanka. Even so, each destination is so unique and wonderful that it’s unfair to try to compare.

Reading on, the article actually doesn’t make the sweeping comparisons I thought it would. It does compare the two with the usual “Bali is uncool now vibe” though (which I can’t criticise since I just wrote this post!) Must be one of those headlines that try to grab your attention (and clicks) by saying something dumb. Nothing new for I guess.

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