the worst travel agent ever

Okay kids, I’m going to say it. The worst travel agent ever is: myself. (Work, please don’t fire me)

Now, before I do lose my job, I need to clarify something. I’m the worst at booking MY OWN travel, not my clients.

It’s actually a pretty well-known fact within the travel industry that travel agents, even the very best ones, are hopeless when it comes to organising their own personal holidays. I am no exception; in fact this rule may as well be in existence thanks to my track record. To be fair though, I have heard worse stories than my own, (for instance, one agent meant to fly herself to San Diego, California but got the airport code wrong by one letter and, after not picking up her error anywhere along the way, actually wound up somewhere in South America) but here is a list of some things that have really hindered my own more recent travels.

  • Travel Insurance: on both of my most recent trips it was 9pm the night before an early flight when i realised “SHIT, I DON’T HAVE INSURANCE”. Cue desperate last-minute “cheap insurance” Google search. At least it’s better than BOTH trips to Fiji (the first of three I had a wonderful agent who was not me) where half-way through I remembered I didn’t have insurance at all.
  • Immunisations: Hanging out in Mauritius, I got really sick. It dawned on me: what if I have some awful mosquito-borne illness? Which then led to HOLY SHIT WE ARE GOING TO MADAGASCAR IN TWO DAYS AND WE DON’T HAVE ANY ANTI-MALARIALS. Through an absolute stroke of luck (!) I have a little skin condition called rosacea, and I take some mild medication for it which just so happens to be doxycycline, a common anti-malarial drug. Nice!
  • Documentation: I’m not even going to say much about this one other than it’s pretty pathetic when I have to call my work the day before my honeymoon to ask if someone can please send me my flight tickets because I forgot to print them off? Yep. Honeymoon. Forgot the tickets. Check.
  • Visas: I’m yet to actually be caught out on this one thank God, but a few times I’ve been queuing at Immigration freaking out about whether I needed a visa or not. Never hurts to double check.
  • Itinerary: Next time I book a holiday, I promise myself I will do some more research on the kind of itinerary we should have, as well as the hotels we book. Five nights in the cesspit of hell in Mauritius at least taught me that much.

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