Good Morning Mauritius!

I’m jet lagged. I woke up at four o’clock this morning desperate to hit the gym (this has never happened before!) but it wasn’t open yet. So I woke Logan up, watched bad t.v. until six and then convinced him to come for a walk with me. This was our view:
Pretty worth it!
I ate like a complete fiend at breakfast while looking out over the ocean… European tourists were just eating a little bit and I confess, I wanted to walk over to their tables and yell at them about the virtues of (free) buffets. Alas, they are the ones who will look good at the beach this afternoon.
We had a massage this morning and in my excitement to book the amazing deal we were offered I didn’t notice it was a “Thai” massage. Cue a lot of flinching and eyeballs nearly popping out of my head from pain, not to mention awkward moments when she lifted my leg over my head and kneed my groin. Oh, and nearly passing out in the sauna (in case you haven’t figured it out I’m a crybaby).
So far I have had two serves of the local speciality fish dish which is probably the best fish I’ve had in my life. And speaking of life-changing events, tomorrow we are off to swim with the dolphins which some may already know is something I have always been aching to do.
Short but sweet today… we’re recovering from yesterday’s million hour journey of hell so my brain is still in meltdown, but tomorrow we will hopefully have many lovely dolphin pics for you.
Much love xx

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