life in twenties

I saw this BuzzFeed video today; it’s a list of “10 Trips You NEED To Take In Your Twenties”. Some of the moments on the list I have been lucky enough to experience, but some I haven’t.

The video, though, is clearly American and I think that affects some of the points on the list. For example, here in Australia we don’t have Spring Break, but we do have Schoolies. It’s a different premise but something most teenagers are dying to experience.

On the flip side, the video includes “go camping in the middle of nowhere”. In Australia, this is a given and probably not something the average Aussie twenty-something would put on their list.

What would you put on your list? What are the 10 things you think you need to do before you turn 30? And for everyone all over the world, what part does your culture have to play in the different elements of your list?

Our taste of “camping in the middle of nowhere”
 Coffin Bay National Park, South Australia, April 2011

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