a blast from the past: Edinburgh

In 2008 (when I was 19) I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh. I had been staying in Paris and travelling around Europe but I was feeling really restless and sick of everything I was doing. In a split-second decision, I booked a train to Edinburgh and checked into a hostel on my own. I’d never done anything like that on my own before, so it was a massive move.

Anyway, for some reason I was trawling through my old myspace the other day (remember those?) and I found a post I’d written while I was there. When reading this, please bear in mind a few things: a) I was 19 and on a bigger adventure than I’d ever had before; b) I had been drinking quite a lot because I’d never had ths kind of freedom before and I probably didn’t quite know how to handle it; and c) I was running very low on internet credit and couldn’t justify another pound to take the time to edit properly, hence the spelling errors.

A quick bit of personal reflection: I look back on this time of my life with nostalgia and a few regrets. I kind of wish I embraced it a bit more and spent more time behaving like this. It was probably the most free and happy I have ever been. I hope one day Fiance and I can do something similar – just drop everything and get on a plane somewhere and figure everything out on the way.


Current mood: rebellious

have finally found that independent spirit…
a few ups and (break)downs on this trip but finally I’ve found a place where everything just seems right.

Mum, I’m not coming home. and I’m drinking lots of beer and smoking and probably getting a tattoo; it’s all good, classy fun.

No in all seriousness, the feeling of making all my own decisions (however stupid and not-very-well-thought-through they are) is bloody amazing and the idea of going home and back to work and paying bills (that aren’t rediculous hostel nights) is… well I don’t really know the words but I don’t like it. I miss home but this place is just incredible and I’ve barely seen any of it yet. I have absolutely no idea why I like it yet but I just feel so relaxed and at HOME here.

I have no idea where I’m going to sleep tomorrow night!!! Usually that would be the worst thing in the world but right now I just don’t care. I don’t even know if I have the money to PAY for any accomodation tomorrow night but…meh. I’ll get by! Someone here was busking today, I need to discover a hidden talent and exploit it at the train station, perhaps.

Oh, and I love it here so much I’m even in love with the train station and the currency exchange office. Yup, it’s true.

Love to all!

Enjoying a Guinness in the Dunblane pub (we got lost on the way to Stirling)

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