the getaway plan

We’d been counting down for months. We made lists. We made plans. We made more lists. What were we going to do? Where were we going to go? What were we going to buy? We were two more farangs in Bangkok and we were going to let loose.

Bangkok got us.

We’d had such a crazy month, working so hard and then both quitting our jobs (!) just before we left. We were so exhausted and stressed out – we just needed a holiday. And although we weren’t out and about every five seconds, I think this holiday was just what we needed.

The highlights:

  •   Bai Pai Cooking School in Bangkok. It’s an absolute must! We were taught by Chef Noi, a contender on Iron Chef Thailand (for realz!) and her stunning assistant Darin. Best moment: When we took a picture of Chef Noi and she declared “I’m a movie star!” before Darin’s comeback: “yeah, as a stand-in for Chewbacca!”
  •  The Floating Markets. The actual boat ride TO the markets is my actual highlight, but I had a great experience throughout. The fried banana chips are a real treat, and only 20Baht for a whole bag.
  •  Paying our respects to the ANZACs who died as POWs building the Burma Railway. The gardens they rest in are beautiful, too.  
  •        Hua Hin. We stayed at the Anantara Resort and Spa and it was such a lovely way to finish our holiday. Four nights wasn’t enough; I could have chilled out there for a month.

The low-lights:

  •         A couple of rude and dishonest tour guides/reps really let the team down. We are always told that Thailand is the Land of Smiles but maybe not for all! However, we were determined not to let them ruin our day and, funnily enough, once I told them what I do for a living they were nice as pie.
  •         The local kids on field trip running around and yelling in the cemetery, although I do understand that they have very different traditions when it comes to honouring the dead so they probably just thought it was a nice garden.

The neither-here-nor-there-lights:

  •   The Tiger Temple. Yes, the concept is cool, but once I had a good photo I didn’t need to take a million more. The whole idea of donating to take pictures didn’t really gel with me either; I would rather just have given them a donation because I wanted to support their work. The tour guide didn’t like this much.

Fly Girl Tip: do what you want to do. Bankgok’s a big place so take each second as it comes!

houses on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi

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