i’m in love with a shooting star…

some things truly blow me away.

anything space-y (galaxies, shooting stars, this solar eclipse), always does it. as i’ve said before, i love the feeling of being insignificant. but sometimes, it’s about the little things.

people say that a lot: “it’s just the little things”. it could even be a cliché, but everyone knows clichés are always true otherwise they wouldn’t be a cliché. and sometimes life IS about the little things. 

take rain for example. i love the smell. i love the sound of it on the roof. i love being rugged up inside playing board games or some other family activity while watching water gush down the windows (like being a little kid and going through the car wash – remember how cool that was?)

or the feeling of getting home on a freezing cold day and putting on a warm pair of socks. or the look on my puppy’s face when he sees me at the front door each night. or when my little sisters give me a big hug. or when my girlfriends and i get together with a bottle of wine and talk too much about our boyfriends.

i love it when my clients pop in just to say “hi!” or they call me before an appointment to see if i want a coffee. i love it when i feel like i’ve genuinely taught someone at work something useful. i love it when my boyfriend asks me to help on his work projects.

but most of all, i’m in love with life. a lot of the time i forget to be, but when i remember, i appreciate just how lucky i am to be here, able to smell the rain and watch the stars and get up at 6am to help Boyfriend at work (well… maybe not the 6am part!)


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